Hey beautiful! Lots of options below… I am always happy to help you decide what is the best fit for you if you drop me an email –

If you are BRAND NEW to macros and the time is right for you- the group program is a great place to start (see below). Our next round kicks off September 12th!

If you have already participated in my beginner 8 week challenge, come join us over in the Chasing Greatness Group– where you will get new full-length workouts MONTHLY, fun monthly challenges and giveaways, and the accountability and support you are looking for to stay fit and healthy long term.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more high-touch, personalized program, I am very pleased to offer one-on-one programs tailored to fit YOUR life, with the resources you have available.

Beginner 8 Week Macro/Workout Challenge

  • In this program, I teach you ALL about how to track your macros, program your workouts, and keep things fun with weekly challenges and giveaways along the way!
  • What to expect:
    • Customized macro targets
    • FULL LENGTH workout videos & PDFs
    • Weekly recipe inspiration
    • Access to the private FB group
    • Every other week food log reviews
    • The cost to participate is $120
    • Program begins Monday, September 12th and ends Saturday, November 5th.

One-On-One Training

  • In this setting, it’s all about YOU! I create the entire program based on YOUR goals, your resources, etc.
  • What to expect:
    • a personalized workout plan with new workouts each month
    • demo videos for every workout
    • every other week check-ins via email- including food log review
  • The cost for macros & workouts in this intensive setting is $450/3 months.
  • The cost for macro coaching ONLY is $225/3 months.
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Chasing Greatness Group

  • This is the place for my seasoned ladies who have rocked out the beginner challenge and are looking to continue receiving fun and challenging workouts each month with continual accountability and different monthly focuses covering ALL areas of fitness: power, flexibility, strength, etc.
  • What to expect:
    • FULL LENGTH workout videos & PDFs
    • Monthly focus + check-in + chance to win the monthly giveaway prize!
    • Continual accountability and support in a group setting with like-minded women who are pursuing living their life to the fullest!
    • The cost is $30/month or $300 paid in full for the year.
    • Join here:


See what others are saying…

I started Brittany’s 8 week challenge when I was 8 months postpartum and stuck in a bad rut, both mentally and physically. Not only was I still struggling with the last few lbs of baby weight, but we were also quarantined, which gave me an “excuse” to sit around the house and order takeout even more than I typically had done. The best part of these 8 weeks is that in addition to feeling better and losing 7 lbs, I’ve finally kicked my terrible sugar cravings. I used to eat chocolate every single day, and now I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had it in the past two months. I’m able to eat everything in moderation and have been able to make an entire lifestyle change! I’m so grateful to Brittany for all of her help and guidance and would definitely recommend her program to anyone looking to switch to a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.  -Lauren

Brittany’s 8-week program is perfect for beginners and veterans that are looking for a smart, effective, and healthy way to jump start physical/mental change. Each week is dedicated to learning and focusing on a healthy habit so that by the challenge’s end, you’ve implemented several strategies/techniques to be successful no matter what your objective may be; losing weight, gaining energy, feeling healthy, etc. Her weekly check-ins keep you engaged and her workouts are quick and effective! I would highly recommend the program! – Madison

I’m a 41 year-old mom of five kids ages 10 down to 8 months old. My two biggest struggles prior to the challenge were eating well consistently and weight training effectively. I have a busy life and was hoping for quick workouts and simple eating guidance and motivation. 

For eating well, I learned about macro-counting first from Brittany’s podcast and implemented what I could on my own, but this challenge really helped me grow my skills in this area and consequently, lose body fat. Her weekly emails and videos as well as personalized feedback kept me motivated when it was time to put in the effort to learn new skills. She’s a great encourager and kept me going when I felt overwhelmed. I love that the goal is to get to intuitive eating and not to track forever. 

For exercise, I loved that she provided full length videos of the exercises paired with written lists and used simple equipment – just dumbbells and exercise bands. The videos helped me maintain correct form and felt like I was working out with a friend because Brittany chats, smiles, cracks jokes and gives tips throughout. 

I recommend this challenge to anyone who feels stuck with their diet and exercise or lack of it. Be willing to try new things and know that it’s okay to get a little uncomfortable because you’ll have Brittany cheering you on and answering your questions the whole way. You’ll not be on your own trying to figure things out. I’m grateful I did! I went down a pant size, gained muscle and lost fat, and gained a new set of tools to use going forward for life. Thanks, Brittany! – Laurie